Along with the launch of the new GeForce GTX 980Ti and anticipating the departure of Heroes of The Storm, NVIDIA released new WHQL drivers that prepare us for the best experience in the MOBA Blizzard, and also bring performance improvements for Kepler GPUs, as many users of the GTX 700 series  playing Witcher 3 were crying. Some users’ forum Guru3D noticed a performance increment of 6 to 8fps.

On the other hand, the DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) tool is now available to GPU Fermi and above, added to those monitors with GSync can also use it in windowed mode. NVIDIA also added the option “Ultra-Low Motion Blur (ULMB)” control panel to help the blur of movement is practically zero using monitors with GSync.

These games have been updated or added the SLI profiles:

• Heroes of the Storm – SLI disabled
• Monster Hunter Online – SLI profiles for DX9 and DX11 were added
• Space Engineers – Added profile for DX9
• World of Warships – SLI-AA was deactivated

These games have been updated or added the 3D Vision profiles:

• F1 2015 – Not recommended
• World of Warships – Not recommended
• Battlefield Hardline – Not recommended
• Dying Light – Not recommended
• Killing Floor 2 – Not recommended
• Lords of the Fallen – Not recommended
• Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Not recommended
• Project CARS – Not recommended
• The Crew – Good
• The Witcher 3 – Not recommended
• Total War: Attila – Not recommended


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