Whilst AMD is all about to introduce its Fiji XT-based Radeon R9 Fury X along with the re-branded adapter which will breeze in as the Radeon R9 390X , it seems like NVIDIA is actually experimenting with its upcoming next-gen GPU : GP100 . GP100 which are going to apparently bear between 4500 and 6000 CUDA cores, thus making it NVIDIA’s most significant GPU yet.

At present we have GM200, with the ‘M’ stands for Maxwell, so the ‘P’ in GP100 for Pascal. Pascal is NVIDIA’s upcoming generation architecture, with the graphics adapter to be constructed on the 16nm process node. Not just Pascal will  baked on to a 16nm process , but it will also come with support for the HBM2 VRAM, we can see memory bandwidth scaling go as high as to an insane 1.2TB/sec or 1200GB/sec. Contemplating the GeForce GTX 980 Ti possesses 336GB/sec, the GTX 1080 Ti ( or no matter what NVIDIA calls it ) could possibly have up to 1.2TB/sec bandwidth, which is nearly 400% boost in memory bandwidth alone.

The reports are originating from a source on the Beyond3D forums who claims that the ‘big Pascal’ chip (GP100) has been taped out on TSMC’s 16nm process facility, with a ‘target release’ period of Q1 2016. We don’t assure if this sounds like to be accurate or is not , however, I would be pretty sure that NVIDIA is experimenting with Pascal at present. We ought to be more passionate about the next-gen GPU from NVIDIA than any release from the organization, ever before .

16nm will definitely let NVIDIA stretch out its roots, HBM2 will definitely usher in the most significant leap in memory bandwidth NVIDIA has ever had by 300-400% and the Pascal architecture – well, we don’t actually know what to anticipate from Pascal. Maxwell brought numerous fresh technologies when it was exposed, but the performance and power consumption side of it was the perfect effort NVIDIA has ever done, so we have extremely high expectations from Pascal.

Moreover, we can expect a huge leap in VRAM too in near future when Pascal will be out, we can anticipate to see graphics adapter bearing 16 GB to 32 GB VRAM. Keeping it short Pascal tends out to be a huge leap if Nvidia keeps all it promises unlike AMD no HBM for R9 390X and Hunting Titans LOL! with old re-branded GPUs with higher prices.

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