NVIDIA’s GTX Titan Z is equipped with dual-core GK110 core, 5760 CUDA cores, 12GB of VRM. On consumer-level card, you will not see this type of beast equipped with rich memory or CUDA Cores. But the price is also too high $2,999. Faced with AMD’s integrated water-cooled design R9 295X card, the Price of Gtx Titan Z is not doing justice with product. In order to attract consumers, GTX Titan Z has begun quietly cutting price, originally priced at $2,999, Now you can save 37% and a new price of Gtx Titan Z is only $1,830.

NVIDIA Cuts GeForce GTX TITAN Z Price by 37%, But For OEMs Only

GTX Titan Z full Specifications and Pictures

Sales of GTX Titan Z is not satisfactory, but NVIDIA is not going to give up, and now they are ready for the discount promotions, the original price of Gtx Titan Z were $2,999, but now offers a 37% price reduction, the new price of about $1,830, while the price is still higher than the a Dual-Core Beast from AMD side named as R9 295X. But still this is definitely jumping NVIDIA for the big sale.

Now here is the bad news for consumers. This promotion only for systems integrators,  means an OEM partner will now be able to source a GTX TITAN-Z from NVIDIA for as less as $1,830. If a consumer wants to buy an individual GTX Titan Z so no discount.