The company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) published the latest data about the graphics adapter in the market during 2014’s 4th Quarter.

Nvidia Is Grabbing More And More Of The Market:

Integrated graphics will continue to push the market of discrete graphics cards. Intel during the previous year increased its market share from 66.8% to 71.4%, while in the third quarter even took 71.8%.

Nvidia in 2013 lost 0.7% of the market and holds 15% (in the third quarter – 14.1%). The main competitor – AMD – continued to reduce its share of the market: its share in the fourth quarter was 13.6%.

Alone discrete graphics cards share for AMD was 24.02%, while Nvidia holding hefty – 75.98%. All discrete GPU market during the fourth quarter decreased by 0.68%.

Jon Peddie Research notes that the increase in sale , particularly of products with Nvidia Maxwell architecture. Their popularity has increased the average price of graphics cards.

In 2015, graphic adapters will supply 470 million units, while in 2017 this ratio will increase to 483 million units.

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