With the release of the GeForce 461.72 WHQL graphics drivers, which support the Nvidia CMP 30HX and Nvidia CMP 40HX mining graphics cards, as well as the GeForce RTX 3060, it was possible to discover which silicon these cards were using and as suspected, they use older generation silicon.

Thanks to the code discovered in the drivers, it was confirmed that the Nvidia CMP 40HX makes use of a custom TU106 silicon (GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER / GeForce RTX 2070 Mobile) @12nm manufacturing process from TMSC, while the Nvidia CMP 30HX uses the custom TU116 silicon (GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER / GTX 1660 / GTX 1660 SUPER).

In this way, the two most basic mining GPUs won’t affect the stock of current Nvidia GeForce gaming graphics cards, although we could not say the same for the rest of the models. This is because the Nvidia CMP 90HX / 50HX is expected to make use of chips with the Ampere architecture to a Samsung 8nm manufacturing process. These new mining graphics cards from NVIDIA are expected not to be available until April.

30HX 40HX 50HX 90HX
Ethereum Hash Rate 26 MH / s 36 MH / s 45 MH / s 86 MH / s
Energy consumption 125 W 185 W 250 W 320 W
PCIe connectors 1x 8 pin 1x 8 pin 2x 8 pins 2x 8 pins
Memory 6GB 8GB 10GB 10GB
Availability Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2


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