It is not a secret that, Pascal is just around the corner and according to the recent reports NVIDIA has stopped sending GM200 cores to its AIB partners, that means that manufacturers of graphics cards like MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA or KFA2 will not launch new GeForce GTX 980 Ti which indicates that NVIDIA is winding down the supply chain for the high-end card and now AIB partners can only work under the existing stock that should find a quick exit before the imminent launch of the new generation of GPUs.

NVIDIA Ceased The Production GeForce GTX 980 Ti


Although NVIDIA has stopped sending chips of GTX 980 Ti, the company has not yet begun to market its Pascal family chips, which are expected to ship to AIB partners very soon. There are still a couple of months for the official launch, so it is logical to think that NVIDIA focuses on the production of its new silicon while its partners will start cleaning existing stock.

The GeForce GTX 1080 will be the first GPU from Pascal series to hit the market, which could be a successor of GeForce GTX 980 manufactured on 16nm FinFET manufactured +. Regarding the performance, nothing is yet known, at the moment we only know that it will continue to use GDDR5 memory, so there will be no improvements in bandwidth and everything will be translated into silicon. The above leaked shrouds suggest that the AiB partners have already tooled up in expectation of Pascal. Of course.

Via: Eteknix

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