Nvidia has given a couple points of details on how it is helping developer Warner Bros. fix the disavowed broken PC variant of Batman Arkham Knight.

Amid a meeting MMORPG, Nvidia Gameworks engineer Tom Peterson said the organization is “repairing a huge amount of things that are not generally identified with us,” by helping on things in the game dissociated to its own particular tech as a goodwill gesture.

“We have 200 to 300 engineers that are actually visual scientists,” Peterson stated to Polygon. “They’re the very best out there. We’ve taken the strategy that says let’s record exactly what they’ve got in their minds, convert it to algorithms … test it and QA it, and then supply it as middleware effectively to game developers”.

Peterson states working on Arkham Knight is an example of how Nvidia can “help a developer get to market with a quality game”.

“Warner Bros. made a couple of errors getting the game out,” he said. “It had not been completely performance enhanced for PC. So now we’re deploying our QA resources and our engineers to make that video game as good as it potentially can be”. Why they didn’t just go about releasing it like this from the start is just another odd question that has yet to be answered.

An interval PC patch for Batman: Arkham Knight will positively be launched in August, and past reports guarantee the game will surely not be dealt with totally till at some point this fall.

The PC version of the game included numerous issues at release, Warner pulled it from deal on Steam as did various sellers around the world. Warner said it would not put the PC game back on the market until it was repaired totally and prepared for the PC.







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