The game Modder Marty McFly has officially accused NVIDIA for stealing their post-processing shaders for NVIDIA Ansel without any authorization or credits. NVIDIA Ansel allow you to capture 2D game screenshot and prepare for viewing in 360 ° Virtual Reality. There are also many post-processing tools included to improve your photos. According to Marty McFly, some of those post-processing have been copied by NVIDIA without credit nor any recognition to third parties.

NVIDIA Ansel would be based on the stolen ReShade code


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The NVIDIA Ansel custom.fx file contains almost 100% of Marty McFly Colormod with original descriptions, the same goes for other files, codes, etc. Also 1D gausian blur solution, 1:1, ported to the DirectX 11 are also there and there is much more information on the Framework that he could recognize it.

After announcing on Facebook, users encouraged him to sue NVIDIA for violation of IP (Intellectual Property) as the declared code that gives life to NVIDIA Ansel. All with their corresponding compensation. Marty’s answer was easy, ‘if we would do the same their legal army would crush down on us immediately.’

ReShade is well known for use in a lot of game Mods to improve the color palette, occlusion setting, fix chromatic aberrations and etc. With Grand Theft Auto 5 it is now even more popular.

Via: techpowerup

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