After yesterday released of Shield Gaming Console and Grid, NVIDIA today brings a monster – which was in the air of rumors for a very long time, namely GTX Titan X graphics card actually unveiled at GDC 2015 conference, I thought it would make its debut on NVIDIA GTC 2015 Conference which is being held over two weeks. But NVIDIA on the left hand has not disclosed the detailed specifications of GTX Titan X, we only know that this is the new flagship featuring Maxwell architecture core with 8 billion transistors, a 12GB memory card and would be really expensive.

NVIDIA Announces GTX Titan X: 8 billion transistors, 12GB memory


Earlier rumors suggest that, NVIDIA’s GTX Titan X will use GM200 large core and would have 3072 CUDA cores, 96 ROP units. The GM200 core pictures have also leaked in the wild and from below picture you can see that the GPU included12 Hynix GDDR5 memory chips with a capacity of 8 GB (1 GB) and 32-bit bus, and therefore Graphics Card has at its 12GB of VRAM GDDR5 384-bit interface. The price would be raised to $1,349.

Picture Courtesy @VideoCardz

Currently GTX Titan X also ignorant the detailed specifications and we can determine only: The core of this card for use with 800 million transistors, process technology is likely to still TSMC’s 28nm, memory capacity of 12GB, bits wide 384bit. As for the specific release date is not clear, but to be honest, it will be expensive, very expensive…. Last year’s 12GB GTX Titan X was priced at $2999, GTX Titan X is now suffering from un-competitive pressure, NVIDIA estimated $ 2,999 to use AMD’s Revenge achieve it.

This card may be officially named NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X, before there was also news that on Idle-Mode the fans stop in order to reduce the noise also will be lower lower TDP.

Most finally, a domestic forum recently also exposed 3DMark11 score of R9 390X, obtained 8121 points. The current single-core High-End Graphics card from AMD camp R9 290X obtained 4611 points and on the other side GTX 980 scored 5735 points. So the counted performance of R9 390X in comparison with the current Single-core High-End Graphics card boost upto 50%. Really too exaggerated, may be HBM memory is the reason behind such massive results.

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Comparison of the size of Kepler GK110 GPU, Maxwell GM200 and GM204 Maxwell
Comparison of the size of Kepler GK110 GPU, Maxwell GM200 and GM204 Maxwell