Earlier in 2015 Nvidia Corp . referred to Samsung Electronics as its chip baking partner . Nevertheless , since it appears , the organizations even now have not finalized any specific deals simply because negotiations are proceeding with ailments . The response to extended negotiations could lead to later-than-expected launch of Samsung-made Nvidia chips .

Nvidia needs Samsung Electronics to ensure certain level of yield rate at 14nm for its upcoming pascal architecture, reports BusinessKorea. The negotiations are continuing with challenges on the grounds that Samsung’s 14nm  (14LPP) process facility is still not by any stretch on the mature side.

Nvidia’s engineers are dealing with chips to be made by Samsung, while other party is still negotiating over baking cost. If it goes in the very particular way then Nvidia’s Pascal may get postponed which by not any means is beneficial for Nvidia, as next gen AMD HBM GPUs are already here.

Right now, Samsung Foundry is the only facility for production of 14nm FinFet process. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. aka TSMC is relied upon to begin large scale manufacturing of chips utilizing its 16nm FinFET process this month. Intel Corp’s. foundry division offers 14nm FinFET to selected partners, and rumors based stories recommends they are not very pleased with it.

Few reports suggests, Nvidia as of late taped out its first code-named GP100 graphics adapter, which actually is the “Pascal” architecture. The chip is due to be created utilizing TSMC’s 16nm FinFET+ (CLN16FF+) fabrication process.

The matters between Nvidia and Samsung should be fixed quickly in order to blow up the market of AMD’s rebranded R9 3xx series and very new Fury series with HBM.


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