During PDXLAN, Richard Huddy (Engineer Gaming division of AMD) announced that the AMD exclusive API Mantle can also be used by Nvidia or Intel as they will launch the SDK (Software Development Kit) at the end of this year.  Which would mark the exit of the groundbreaking API from the BETA stage.

 Nvidia and Intel to be Packed with Mantle API at the End of this Year

AMD Mantle

The strange thing is that Richard has stated that both Nvidia and Intel are free to use the API. AMD will not ask for license fees or impose any restrictions, just their arms are widely open for the competitors and developers with good sound. All those parties can enjoy the improvements in API.

Richard Huddy also said that, there are now more than 100 development teams registered to take Mantle, double the developers regarding this summer. They will also add more than 20 games in the support list of AMD API Mantle. Till now there are more than 6 biggest games engines which are supporting the new API include Frostbite 3 (eg Battlefield 4), CryEngine (Rise: Son of Rome), Asura Engine (Sniper Elite 3),  Nitrous Engine (Star Swarm) etc.

Now we have to wait for some time in order to see that, how Nvidia and Microsoft will take this opportunity. We know that Nvidia owns their own best solution for gamers and Microsoft is working on their new interface DirectX12 for a very long time. But when someone is giving you something for free then you should try it. The time will tell the whole story, whether they will go with Mantle or not.

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