The story of GeForce GTX 970 3.5 + 0.5 GB has been ended, according to the TopClassAction website, NVIDIA has agreed to pay $ 30 to each buyer of GeForce GTX 970. The company will also bear lawyers’ fees involved in the lawsuit, estimated at a cost of 1.3 million dollars.

NVIDIA agrees to pay $30 to each buyer of GeForce GTX 970


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The overall settlement amount was not publicly disclosed within court papers, however Nvidia agreed to pay all consumers who purchased the GTX 970 graphics card and indicated there would not be a cap on the total amount it would pay consumers.

“The settlement is fair and reasonable and falls within the range of possible approval,” attorneys for the proposed Class said in the filing. “It is the product of extended arms-length negotiations between experienced attorneys familiar with the legal and factual issues of this case and all settlement class members are treated fairly under the terms of the settlement.”

NVIDIA was accused of false advertising of graphics card based on silicon GM204-200. According to NVIDIA, GTX 970 offered 4 GB of memory, but actually 0.5 GB memory was separated from the rest, resulting in lower bandwidth when this particular memory block is used. The lack of communication between marketing and engineering teams of NVIDIA caused much more controversy.

Such was the uproar that many graphics assemblers began to accept the return of graphics cards and even some stores listed GeForce GTX 970 with “3.5 + 05GB” memory. Well, that’s not the end of the GeForce GTX 970 story, as it was later discovered that the graphics card was equipped with less Raster Operating Units (ROPs) and less memory cache level 2 (1.75 MB instead of 2 MB). All this made sales of graphics card to fall by 30 percent.

It is unclear whether this agreement will affect buyers around the world, nor there are instructions on how to file a claim to get money.

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