Most of us would be thinking about the reason behind Nvidia’s silence over DirectX 12 benchmark tool which was released by Oxide Games recently for the Ashes of the Singluarity. Even today, we haven’t seen any befitting response from Nvidia’s side, which most of us were expecting.

That could be due to the reason that NVIDIA realized its mistake and decided to move forward and work for the hardware support or something like Async Shading/Compute to counter against its rival, AMD. The Representatives of the Oxide Games kept posting regarding the previous hot debate related to DX 12 results and AMD’s support for the Async Shading.

Yesterday, the same representative on the same thread of DX 12 benchmarks on the updated users on the issues and also replied to their questions. At the end, he mentioned that they are in touch with the Nvidia and working out the Async Compute issue. He wrote:

Regarding Async compute, a couple of points on this. FIrst, though we are the first D3D12 title, I wouldn’t hold us up as the prime example of this feature. There are probably better demonstrations of it. This is a pretty complex topic and to fully understand it will require significant understanding of the particular GPU in question that only an IHV can provide. I certainly wouldn’t hold Ashes up as the premier example of this feature.

We actually just chatted with Nvidia about Async Compute, indeed the driver hasn’t fully implemented it yet, but it appeared like it was. We are working closely with them as they fully implement Async Compute. We’ll keep everyone posted as we learn more.

Also, we are pleased that D3D12 support on Ashes should be functional on Intel hardware relatively soon, (actually, it’s functional now it’s just a matter of getting the right driver out to the public).

Which concludes that the support for Async compute/shading on the Nvidia GTX 900 series is not completed yet and for which, Nvidia is working along with the Oxide Games to utilize it fully. There’s an opportunity for the GTX 900 series GPU owners to get full Async Compute support in the coming weeks.

The previous GTX graphics cards except 900 series won’t enjoy Async Compute/Shading support.