NVIDIA would really help the gaming community as a whole, but I don’t know why NVIDIA doesn’t play nice. Their Physx technology is just an example of one step forward, two steps back. Their Physics technology was Originally made by the company called “Ageia” and they sold their own Physics card, if you wanted to run that Technology you have to buy an extra card as well as your Graphics card, dedicated simply to Physics. If you’re anything like me, you were intrigued by the idea of having cool Physics in games, but not so much that you would buy a separate new card for it. It will be a slippery slope. Imagine a future where you would need dozens of separate components for each Graphical Effect!

NVIDIA acquired Physx and later claimed its copyrights so AMD must not use it, despite its capability to fully utilize it

Fortunately, in 2008 NVIDIA bought them and magically their own graphics cards suddenly become capable of the Physics, even if they had been released years before (talking about GeForce 8800 GTS 512, GeForce 8800 GT). Brilliant! Does this means that games will soon implement these features in meaningful ways?? No, because AMD wasn’t allowed to use this technology. And because of this, Physx could never become a requirement for games since half the audience wouldn’t be able to run it.
NVIDIA kept the technology to themselves and everybody suffered as a result. NVIDIA has a number of technologies and approaches like Physx, which sounds good in practice, because NVIDIA keeps them to themselves, they’ll never become more than just gimmicks (Now, Physx only used as an optional potential like in Borderlands 2 they use it to add bloods, slime and extra debris). It’s a shame, because AMD cards are capable of running these technologies, but simply they are not allowed.
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