There are several rumors in the media that the World Graphic Cards leading Company NVIDIA is going to launch two outdated GK110 Core Cards Gtx 790 and Gtx Titan Black Edition. Now, according to foreign media report the Gtx Titan Black Edition will be announced in the quarter of this Year. The Card is based on the previous architecture, 2880 CUDA Cores, VRam of 6Gb, 240 texture units, 48 ROP units. If we see the Gtx Titan Black Edition and Gtx 780 Ti are quite similar, the difference is in the more Vram and High Clock Frequencies, There are also possible chances that the New Titan BE will equip with the Latest Cooling Design.

Nvida Geforce Gtx Titan Black Edition Price And Specification
Nvida Geforce Gtx Titan Black Edition

The Price of Gtx Titan Black Edition is $999, the price seems High if we see that the Maxwell Architecture cards are also on the way will be listed in the Q2 of this Year, Maxwell Will equipped with more advance visual processing feathers, Also the latest graphic architecture is based on 20nm manufacturing process. So no one will easily throw money at the Outdated GK110 GPU using High-end Graphic core, As the specification is also almost same to Gtx 780 Ti and the Price of Gtx 780ti is $600, this is also a point which will may be become a red light ofor Titan Black Edition also.

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