At the Chinese Academy of Sciences where a experienced group of renewable energy experts  has designed a kind of a solar cell that could be woven into fabric, harvesting energy while exposed to the sun.

The cells are manufactured by utilizing a mineral known as perovskitethat cause them not just inexpensive but also make it tremendously efficient. Normal, flat cells are composed with a sort of material which contain an outstanding efficiency of 20%, that could be made 400 times slimmer than conventional silicon cells.

Weaving the perovskite cells into thread is not an effortless task though. The experts covered carbon nanotubes with a number of layers of various materials, like silver, perovskite to maximize the conductivity of the thread, along with a protective film that permits light through.

A resulting cloth manufactured from this thread is not just as efficient as the flat cells – merely 3% of the solar energy striking it becomes electricity. Contact with air and with water moreover results in the cloth to stop generating power after only just four days.

However it is a beginning and the team reckons can be able to resolve these issues. In case they are correct, then clothes woven with this fabric might behave as wearable chargers for our smartphones and smart watches in the future.