Normandy is a code of a Nokia’s Android Smartphones project, there is a news in the market that Nokia is going to release their android phone, it is slightly possible that we will see their Android phones in the next month. Although this news is looking too much doubtful and doesn’t make sense for a lot of people, but today someone has come with interesting stuff at Microblogging, A user exposed first ScreensShot of Nokia Android Specification.

Nokia now move to Android, First model A110 Specification Expose

In additional user said that screenshot is from Baidu Post, some of major specification has been hidden, but key configurations are still able to see clearly. From the screenshot if we see the Specification, it is not a High-end, but it’s looking like a mid-range Smartphone, Nokia, Android phone model is A110, Powered by Qualcomm processor, android Operation System is 4.4.1, with 5-MegaPixel rear Camera, screen resolution has been hidden but if we see the resolution of this Screenshot the resolution is 854×480 so it might be possible that the resolution would be 854×480.

Still, I’m guessing that there is no fulfilled guarantee that Nokia will release Android Phone. Are you really thinking that we will see Nokia’s Android phones in the market?

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