The guys at Digital Foundry brought an interesting comparison of the No Man’s Sky. At first there is a duel between GeForce GTX 1060 against the Radeon RX 480 and GeForce GTX 950 vs. Radeon RX 460 and in another segment there is a graphical comparison of the PC version with the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

No Man’s Sky: PC Vs PlayStation 4 

Let the easy, the version of No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 has a field of view set to 75 percent, while on the PC you can set field of view to 100 percent. You can further increase it to 140% by editing the .ini file of the game which gives us a fisheye view. Regarding the anisotropic filter, it does not matter, because 2x to 16x there is not much difference.

No Man’s Sky: GeForce GTX 1060 Vs Radeon 480 and GTX 950 Vs RX 460

Now we are going to see what is most important, graphics card performance. Together with a Core i7-4790K, the GeForce 1060 run game at an average of 75 FPS, while the Radeon RX 480 does at 55 FPS, that’s almost 36% extra performance for NVIDIA. Both graphics cards are running on the latest drivers available to date, which added support for the game, but the RX 480 is not performing too well due to the OpenGL API.

If we talk about economic team, with a Core i3-4130, the GeForce GTX 950 at a medium quality on 1080p resolution with 16x anisotropic, run the game at an average of 48 FPS compared to 36 FPS of Radeon RX 460.

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