No Man’s Sky was released back in August and turned out to be the best release of August but eventually ended up as the nightmare for indie studio Hello Games and Director Sean Murray as the game didn’t live up to the expectations of many players.

Players count started dropping within the launch week and gamers of PC and PS4 demanded a refund from the retailers they purchased it, i.e, Amazon, Steam, PSN etc. Most of the players reported performance related issues and according to many players, the game lacked so many features that were promised and were detailed in the trailer while the developers promised the fixed through the updates.

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update 1.1 Goes Live

A couple of days ago, Hello Games announced Foundation update for No Man’s Sky which is now live. The foundation update adds three new game modes, i.e, Normal, Creative and Survival, allow players to build bases and recruit alien settlers on those bases, improves user interface and much more.

The Normal mode is the original one, with ‘chilled exploration‘ experience. Creative mode allows players to build bigger bases and continue exploration without limits, while the Survival mode that actually changes the game and brings challenging experience.

Furthermore, the patch adds texture streaming option for systems with lower specs so that they can run the game smoothly while also adds motion blur effects, and revised colourisation to the game.

Players can start farming out-site or inside their bases, discover plants and grow new resource elements. They can also report back to their base from the space and break up the bases if they decide to settle on a new planet.

Below are the PC improvements of the update;


  • Added support for up to 8 mouse buttons
  • Fixed better order position history for mouse smoothing
  • Fixed bug where setting gamma to zero gave a fully bright rather than fully dark image
  • Fixed hard-limiting on save sizes, with appropriate warning about free space on boot
  • Player is now notified when shaders are being loaded
  • Fixed occasional crash on exit
  • Fixed performance of trail renderer for some AMD cards
  • Large optimisations to the engine to accommodate base building

A complete changelog of the foundation update can seen here.

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No Man’s Sky is now available for PC and PlayStation 4 gamers. The update will be downloaded automatically on the Steam once the game is launched. Stay tuned for more updates!