Unfortunately for No Man’s Sky, it seems that the situation will not improve, definitely in the short or long term. It has recently been reported that the great debut of Hello Games’s No Man’s Sky just launched a few months ago has currently less than 1000 active players on the Steam platform.

No Man’s Sky Currently Has Less Than 1,000 Players On Steam

No Man's Sky

Since its emergence and official announcement, and after months of extensive media coverage, it was expected that the original title of Hello Games was one of the hottest games of the year. Surely this is something that No Man’s Sky has finally gotten itself, but not the way it should because it is destined to become one of the great failures of 2016.


Previously we reported that just one week of being released, about 88% of the player stop playing it. Data from Githyp confirms this huge drop in the base of active players, one of the massive abandonment of 94% achieved in just 42 days that undoubtedly will bill Hello Games.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray hasn’t been active on his Twitter since No Man’s Sky launched on August 18, and Hello Games have been much quieter than normal post-release – which should really come as no surprise at this point.

Via: TweakTown