No Man’s Sky was released as the biggest launch on Steam of 2016, this was made possible by 212,620 people playing simultaneously on the same day of its release, but it was a little lasted joy because of all the players who have decided to investigate space, 88 percent players has already parked the ship to end space holiday. Also marks a record on Steam as the fastest “abandoned” game by users.

No Man’s Sky: Count Has Dropped 88% Since Launch

No Man's Sky

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At second position we have DOOM with a fall of 85% players in the first month, followed by Battleborn and Stellaris (82%) and Fallout 4 (74%).

For No Man’s Sky reason is pretty simple to understand, leaving aside the technical problems which has been solved, we feel that it’s a half – finished game, because in the end, the ship will only serve us as a means of transport, you have to visit planets to collect some resources, leaving the galaxy and once again start visiting the planets, collect the same resources again to go to another galaxy.

All planets share a lot of materials, all have the same gravity, many textures and fauna are repeated. In the game we are not building anything, just crafting objects and all it focuses on finding resources.