Mobile chips manufacturers like Apple and Qualcomm, guzzling up almost all the early limited 20nm inventory. Which is a bad news and it will impact the 16nm production too, it can cause Maxwell Erista (16nm) coming late 2015 to be cancelled and then Nvidia will directly hops over to Pascal. In a clear cut manner, we won’t be able to see 16nm chips before 2016. Nevertheless Nvidia won’t stay idle, it still have the masterpiece of Maxwell that is “GM200” and it is expected somewhere in mid or Q3 of 2015 to clash with AMD Carribbean Island flagships.

On the side of AMD there is something interesting too, “Carribbean Islands” to get here in Summer 2015. Analysts have repeatedly asked Lisa Sue, AMD’s CEO and ex COO about AMD’s plan for node transitions. And Lisa Sue gave the exact same answer every single time. “We’re currently at 28nm in 2014, we’ll be transitioning to 20nm in 2015 and we’ll go to FinFET after that. So AMD seems to be sticked with 28nm except for Carribbean island’s Bermuda and some next gen APUs which will be biased on 20nm. The delay in the 20nm process may push the production of AMD back by 2 months so the very beginning of Q3 may be you know. So the 16nm FinFET in 2016, but Nvidia will be first to bring it up.

But there is a plot twist Samsung have started to produce 14nm, indirectly a huge benefit for AMD. President of Samsung the Korean semi-conductor giant, Kim Ki-Nam has announced that Samsung Electronics has started producing chips on 14nm FinFET process. Meaning that the process has begun to contract manufacturing for someone, the progress has been leading TSMC, which is the same level of 16nm generation FinFET process to wait until next year to the last quarter  for production, so if someone is in a hurry they can move their eyes to Samsung as well. Samsung has not announced who is the first customer and also the chip, but the two most likely would be Apple or Qualcomm, and for Apple I am sure that its S1 chip.



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