Second DLC for Team Ninja’s action, role playing game Nioh, the “Defiant Honor” is finally given a release date which is set for July 25th on the PS4.

According to a detailed post written on the PlayStation Blog, the team is currently working on final stages of the expansion pack which will bring new weapons, armor, enemies, new difficulty level and trophies to the game later this month.

As per the post, Defiant Honor will take place in Osaka Castle, featuring a legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura from the Toyotomi clan. Yukimura works to prepare his army for offense as the tension between Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans continue to grow. Here’s an excerpt from the blog update;

In the midst of this chaos, our hero William, accompanied by Date Masamune who fights alongside Tokugawa, heads towards Sanada Maru in pursuit of Maria. It is a bitter winter in Osaka and the stage is ripe for a fierce battle for the ages. Bundle up and get ready for a brutal winter showdown!

‘Tonfa’, a melee attack weapon is a new item added as a weapon. Apart from that, a new armor, magic items are included as well.

Nioh second DLC Defiant Honor is available for free to the season pass holders and is also available as a standalone DLC for $9.99. The first expansion pack Dragon of the North was released back in May this year.

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Nioh is now available for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for more updates!

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