When will we see a new console from Nintendo? Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the directors of “Big N” confirmed that, they had already begun work on new devices. Apparently, there are already some new ideas – but unfortunately for details you have to wait a little longer, as the preparations are now in the early stages.

Nintendo Unveiled New Generation Console coming soon Powered by AMD


What kind of new ideas? One of them may be appropriate displays of irregular shape in the successor portable console 3DS. A few days ago the times of japan reported that Nintendo is considering to purchase displays “Free-Form” company Sharp.

Nintendo now has a pretty stable position on the market of handheld game consoles, but in order to maintain, it must offer something unusual. Stationary Wii U also has a good time anyway. Just to mention productions such as Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. After all, the Xbox and PlayStation are much further forward in terms of performance and games- perhaps it was only a matter of another target group.

Considering the fact that work on the new console is in the initial phase, the premiere will probably have to wait at least another two years.  Last week, the father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto told the media when it comes to Nintendo’s case, they own the game, such as “Mario Brothers,” “King Kong” and is still very popular, which referred once they release new generation hardware systems, we can also look forward to a new role of Mario in the new game. For now we don’t know much about the new console, but the good news is Nintendo has confirmed that the development of a new generation of mainframe hardware and it will be powered by the AMD processor.

This sentence has revealed in two new cases, as mentioned above, there will be a new game from Mario series the new role, and Nintendo is preparing a new generation of the host system. Of course, now Nintendo will not release any new host of circumstances.

WII U is now using IBM's CPU and AMD GPU
WII U is now using IBM’s CPU and AMD GPU

But we can guess about Nintendo’s new console, the current Wii U is still being used IBM processor and customized GPU from AMD side, comprehensive change to a new generation of AMD hardware host is very likely, after all, PS4, Xbox One success of the former, To get the other Nintendo console developers will recognize the common hardware architecture.

Prior to AMD executives have repeatedly confirmed in interviews that they got two custom processor business orders, the industry analysis confirmed that one of the new host processor is for Nintendo, Nintendo now implies the existence of a new generation of the host.

You have to wait two years in order to see a new Nintendo console, but the PS4 and Xbox One has some upgrade plans, like the existing products are based on the 28nm process node. The upgraded version with 20nm process node would be available in 2015.

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