Nintendo’s forthcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch is less than two weeks away from its official launch and the company has announced the day one patch for the console.

According to the details, the Nintendo Switch day one patch will bring access to the console’s eShop and enable social connectivity. The day one patch mainly focus on the console’s online features such as support for multiplayer gaming and Nintendo accounts used by the players. The console will be available for download the day Nintendo Switch launches, i.e., March 3rd.

Below are the features included in the day one patch;

  • Nintendo eShop access
  • Online multiplayer
  • Sharing images to social networks
  • Linking Nintendo Accounts
  • Connecting to public internet hotspots

The eShop is a digital store of Nintendo where games will be available for purchase and will require the user account as well. According to the company, the system updates will continue downloading in the background, allowing users to play their games without any interruption during their gameplay.

While the size of the update is yet to be known. According to the reports, the console will have about 25.9 GB of available storage out of the total system storage of 32 GB, which can be increased with the use of microSD cards. While another report also claimed that the battery lasted for about 2 hours and 28 mins while playing Legends of Zelda Breath Of The Wild with full settings.

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Nintendo Accounts will be used for the records of users’ game files, online gaming, and for the eShop as well. The console will have unified account system that will keep records of all the game purchases and joining the multiplayer matches of different games.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd across the world. Stay tuned for more updates!

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