We have new rumors about the performance of the Nintendo NX, rumors that follow the path to sell the Nintendo console as the most powerful console of this generation, which is not difficult since AMD will launch its new Polaris architecture (14nm) based graphics cards in a few months and then the company will focus on Zen. A user named 10K is responsible for disclosing such information on the NeoGAF forum indicating that four different sources have verified such information.

Nintendo NX would be significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4


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The CPU will be 15-30% stronger than PS4 as alluded by LCGeek, while the GPU also coincide with this profit margin and all with lower energy consumption. So we can say that the new console from Nintendo is equipped with AMD Polaris (officially released within 2 months) while its CPU will use the Zen architecture, which in this case could be launched in October.

There would also be Wii U remastered games like Sony and Microsoft has done with their consoles, the Smash Bros 4 will come to the NX and a new Zelda title is confirmed to add value to the console.

New information also indicates that any concrete detail of the architecture of the console is under NDA (confidentiality agreement) so it is too early to provide details on cores, frequency and type / amount of RAM. Regarding having a role as handheld console, nobody knows anything about the handheld. Not even sure if NX refers to the handheld as well or if that has a different codename. It’s speculated that it will still get some exclusive games, but won’t get many console games downported (referring to the shared games library) while the console could theoretically play them all (maybe lending support to x86 and ARM inside the NX, having the handheld guts inside, but that sounds very expensive and I doubt it). The console seems to be the main focus of Nintendo right now and the New 3DS, along with the 2016 lineup of 3DS, has afforded them that luxury.

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