For a couple of days some rumors are on count with the Development Kit of Nintendo NX, and as the first leak, the Nintendo console will use an “industry-leading” or “cutting-edge” chip that promises to cope with a powerful PC, so for the first time in the modern history of Nintendo we would have a much more powerful console compared to PS4 or Xbox One.

Nintendo NX would be as powerful as a PC, Powered by Industry-leading Chip


The Nintendo NX that would include “a portable additional device, ” at the moment we don’t know if it’s a controller, their own virtual reality glasses, or any other innovation of the company. The AMD embedded hardware has been already powerful for consoles and developers have already indicated that it is ” incredibly powerful “and the graphical demo provided with the development kit” is impossible to move to 60 FPS on a PC that does not have a processor and a high-end graphics card “, to which they refused to give further details.

Without doubt, the hype is already generated, but we must remember that the Nintendo NX not be announced until early 2016 and could launch later that year, so hopefully the console makes use of new technology from AMD side, talking about AMD Zen CPU and Arctic Islands graphics, AMD will launch both products in the middle of next year.

Via: Gamingbolt