Nintendo console will be equipped with AMD’s chip news was in the air for a very long time. Now the latest rumors disclose that AMD is behind the Nintendo NX, that means they still have a monopoly in the world of next-generation consoles providing its combo of the CPU + GPU to the console manufacturers. The Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 have AMD hardware inside, which helped builders to facilitate both the development and the export of other Consoles game to PC, thanks to unified architecture.

Nintendo signs up for AMD in Nintendo NX


AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, confirmed that the company had a new chip contract. Su said the deal could generate billions, but she did not identify the customer. This agreement would be with Nintendo to its future console, which would be presented next year. Thanks to this contract AMD continues to take oxygen in a market that has treated him well and allows it to reduce its dependence on complicated computing market.

The NX will be based around the Android operating system and should release some time next year.

P.S: In my view if Nintendo is smart, they will wait for the Zen architecture candies, think of a Nintendo console with Zen cores, it would be 50% faster in terms of Graphics than PS4 and like 8GB of HBM2 shared between the CPU and graphics all on the same chip.