Nintendo NX will be launched in March 2017, sources claim that the Nintendo next-Gen console will also support Virtual Reality at its launch, although it is noted that, it’ll likely be mobile VR and not a dedicated Oculus Rift-like headset.

Nintendo NX Will Also support VR At Launch


Nintendo NX has been delayed until 2017, there has been speculation about the possibility that the company will add support for VR, especially if we see today’s condition that, how they will beat the rest of rival in the race. This rumor has been reinforced by sources of the Nintendo supply chain, according to them, Japanese company probably has plans to add VR functionality to its next console, adding that the NX offer a combination between the functions found in command of Wii-U along with the capabilities of the 3DS handheld.
It is said that the device will have a 5-7 inch screen with a joystick controller as seen in their portable products, which can also be connected to a TV for users to play as a video game system. To do this, Nintendo would add the potential role of VR in order to adapt to new trends in video games, but always focused from the point of view of “Mobile VR” because Nintendo NX will have an NVIDIA Tegra Pascal chip instead of AMD APU, the company is not sure whether it would be enough to power dedicated VR HMDs or not.

Regarding the delay of the console to finally see the light in 2017, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said that, they want to make sure there were enough games to go along with the NX.

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