Nintendo NX, a new console from the company is under development and still not revealed to the public. So far, it has been revealed that the company will reveal the specifications, pricing, features and the release date sometime later this year.

Just like high-end versions of both the consoles, Nintendo NX have been a victim of the internet rumors since early this year. Earlier, we reported the alleged pictures of the new console, that appears to be handheld console, its virtual reality support and titles, detachable controllers with motion control and force feedback and much more.

The latest speculations around the Nintendo NX suggest that the console will be region free, unlike the current eighth generation consoles. If it’s true, it will allow the owners to purchase any game from any country. The word comes from insider Emily Rogers in the series of tweets. She later mentioned that the console has 32 GB of internal memory, that can be expanded with the help of external SD card. The word was also confirmed by Liam Robertson, who is known for some leaks related to the console in the past.

nintendo nx internal memory

It was also reported that the console will be supported with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity engine. Later, she also confirmed that the console will have the “share” button, which is called as social button as well by some people. The button will allow users to share images and videos on social media and save it to the external memory as well.


More and more is reported regarding the unannounced console. It is expected that Nintendo will hold an event during late September, where it will reveal the console. While the Nintendo NX is planned for release in March 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!