Now we can see how Nintendo NX would look like (supposedly), thanks to a pair of renderings made by the user Pittree at NeoGAF forum, based on leaked design scheme of the new Nintendo console. As you can see, it will be a portable console, for processing power NVIDIA Tegra SoC will be fused with it and it will run the Android operating system out of the box. It would be a tablet / console with the Nintendo label and a serious competitor to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Nintendo NX: First Render Pictures


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NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC is considerably more powerful than the Wii U, but it will not be able to fight with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. We remind you that on August NVIDIA will announce new the successor to the Tegra X1 with Pascal graphics, so it is also expected that Nintendo will use the most powerful SoC with lower energy consumption.

The console will allow several multiplayer modes, either online or local two consoles connected to a television with split screen or one playing on the TV and another on the console.

That result would barely be a tragedy. In any case, I’m trusting NX will succeed, in light of the fact that I adore the enchantment that happens, which you can just discover as strongly in Apple’s items as in Nintendo’s, when equipment and programming are made by the same individuals with the same reason. Also, I’m enchanted that Nintendo has taken this course, in light of the fact that as uncertain of achievement as it seems to be, it is completely the best and only way for Nintendo to keep that fantasy alive.

For Nintendo, NX is the main alternative. For us, it will be the main option. What’s more, that is an awesome thing.