Nintendo NX will be released in the next year, and before that happens, there are already speculations about the cost of the console, where the analyst Michael Pachter said that Nintendo NX has to be priced under $300 or we could be facing a disastrous launch at the level of the Wii U.

Nintendo needs to charge no more than $299 for Nintendo NX – Michael Pachter


As indicated, whether we are at a hybrid console backed by a leading manufacturer of the industry as AMD or NVIDIA, what Most often, the console cost about $ 400, with the problem that those who purchase the Nintendo NX will be enthusiasts, and in this price tag you can buy the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. In this situation, he replied ” I have no idea what Nintendo will “, but things are quite complicated.

He believes the, Nintendo would have to charge much as 299 dollars for the new console, and recalled the resounding failure of the Wii U when it was released for $ 349. This is compounded by a serious problem with Nintendo, when they will release its new console at the end of 2016, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and have a price around $299, so if Nintendo NX has a price above both consoles, we could expect another failure by the company, unless they surprise us with more powerful hardware and taking losses on sales of consoles seeking profits in the software.

Via: Gamingbolt

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