Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto had confirmed the development of the next game in the series Pikmin, but since then nothing has been revealed about the game.

Nintendo is still working on Pikmin 4


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Now, in an interview with Game Rant, the game designer confirmed that Pikmin 4 is still in development, but not among the list of business priorities at the time.

“Yes, you are right, and we’re working on [Pikmin 4]. So, you know, when we’re in development we have to create a list of priorities and it has been hard to kind of fit that into that list, but we’re hopefully starting to see that on the list now.” – said Miyamoto.

Although not confirmed platform, the more likely it is that the new Pikmin will be released for the Nintendo NX, which comes next year.

Justifiably, Nintendo has been working diligently on developing up another console, and apparently there is a rundown of programming that takes need over any semblance of the Pikmin franchise. While maybe not a perfect statement, according to gamers that have been waiting to the arrival of Captain Olimar and co., it makes sense if Nintendo has plans on seeking after a more extensive buyer base with its new stage using its supreme greatest establishments right from the get-go.