Nintendo has currently refused the reports recommending that the company is right now considering utilizing the Android operating system for its following console, called the Nintendo NX. The rumors were a little bit shaky from the beginning as Nintendo has been infamous for using proprietary technology that does not essentially play well along with other systems in the past.

In an announcement sent out to The Wall Street Journal, a representative for Nintendo declared that,”there is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX”.A Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, was the initially to leak out the news this week however it seems to have led nowhere so far.

It appears that the Nintendo has figured out how to stamp out these rumors rapidly. Not long ago, reports started circulating recommending that the Nintendo and Netflix were working together on a live action TV series based upon on The Legend of Zelda. It took Nintendo a long time to remark in those days, that fueled speculation. This time around, it appears that Nintendo is seeking to act quick concerning bits of rumors.

Nintendo can still have considered utilizing Android quickly whilst in talks to start creating games for smartphones. In any case, it appears that we can expected that another Nintendo-style OS on its next console. Though it will have to make certain alterations if it would like to win developers over with its next leading hardware discharge.

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