End of the Nike Fuelband era: Nike Fuelband dismisses team focuses on the software development of fitness apps, thus making more room for the Apple iWatchInteresting move by Nike, the Fuelband development is terminated and then announced for the autumn thinner Nike Fuelband will probably never appear. However, why Nike pulls the fitness bracelet project the plug, but even why Tim Cook wearing a Fuelband?

Tim Cook wearing a Fuelband
Tim Cook wearing a Fuelband

Apple CEO Tim Cook is really the interesting part of the message. Tim Cook is on the board at Nike and helped the sports shoe manufacturer with the iPod and Nike + in entering the growing market of “wearables”. It is still unclear whether Apple iWatch a pure fitness bracelet or super computer, but should be clear here: Nike makes sports equipment from shoes to clothing, hardware is made ​​by Apple. So is conceivable that Nike directs the focus to the appropriate software and apps iWatch in favor of an upcoming Apple iWatch. Thus, an analyst at CNET follows:

Apple is in the hardware business. Nike is in the sneaker business. I do not think Apple sees Nike as competitive. It’s likely did to Apple hardware offering would be supportive of the Nike software.

To summarize: Tim Cook, Apple CEO and sits at Nike in the Supervisory Board. Nike introduced the FuelBand fitness Bracelet ago, Apple said it is a planning of iWatch with health and fitness features. Evil to him who thinks evil of it.

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