The RPCS3 team, the flagship emulator of PlayStation 3 has managed for the first time to break the 30 FPS barrier in the first installment of the Nier series (derived in turn from the Drakengard saga), and PC users (with a good processor) you can now enjoy it at 60 FPS, as you can see in the video below.

Nier is an RPG video game developed by Cavia and produced by Square Enix. It was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America in April 2010. In Japan the game was called exclusively Nier Gestalt, while an alternative version titled Nier Replicant was released for PlayStation 3 with a main character younger. 

The game follows Nier in his attempt to find a cure for a rare disease, known as “Black Scrawl,” which his daughter Yonah has. Accompanied by a talking book called Grimoire Weiss, he travels with 2 other Kainé and Emil characters, while he tries to find a remedy and understand the nature of creatures known as Shades that lurk the world. 

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