Google’s Nexus 6 has been touted as a premium solid built smartphone bearing an aluminum frame with hard plastic back which is non-removable. Nonetheless, various clients have been reporting that the battery is swelling up, actually there are few faulty units are being shipped with unglued back cover.

Displeased clients have reported the issue on Twitter and Google+ and on Reddit. Motorola, which fabricates the Nexus 6 for Google, has even recognized the issue and has said that it has run over various clients who’ve reported the issue and is putting forth substitutions to influenced clients. The issue was initially reported by Phandroid.

Nexus 6 Manufacturing Defect Cover Coming Off – Google & Motorola Are Ready To Replace The Faulty Ones:

A Nexus 6 user from Canada named “iouiu” posted on Reddit that the new Nexus 6 phone he requested from the Google Play Store in Canada, has the said defect, cover is unglued and is coming off.  He  actually posted,

“So I just picked up my delivery of a newly assembled Nexus 6 that I ordered from Play Store in Canada and this is how the phone came out of the box. The back seems to be peeling off from the sides and pressing the cover down does nothing as the back pops back into the same position as seen in the images. I think this is a manufacturing error with the glue becoming too weak in the Canadian winter while shipping.”

Fortunately Google Play Store is ready to replace each and every Nexus 6 exhibiting the mentioned flaw.

Another user Chris Cannon, from UK, had supplanted a deficient unit as a result of the same flaw however even the substitution phone’s back was peeling off. Motorola Support reacted that the client was by all account not the only one to face this issue and could get a substitution.

Nexus 6 Manufacturing Defect Cover Coming Off


Source: Phandroid


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