Mobile gaming is hardly new, but recent developments promise to bring this form of entertainment to an entirely new stage. Traditionally, big-budget AAA gaming has been relegated to PC and consoles. As we approach the new generation, expect this reality to turn on its head. Aided by the likes of online casino popularity and streaming technology, the next few years of mobile will be exciting ones.

Online Casinos Showed the Way

While the likes of Fortnite have shown just how popular mobile phones can be in AAA gaming, these routes owe just as much to the world of online casinos. This was the side of the gaming industry which leaned into smartphones the most, bringing with it opportunities such as free spins offers to open the doors to those who might otherwise be reticent. Reviews of online casinos show clearly that the majority – from LeoVegas to Dunder and Mr Green – now have strong mobile offerings. This arguably shows these online casinos were early to spot the importance mobile would play in gaming and casino play for existing users, too. Having spotted their target audience’s desire for convenience, the online casino world has unanimously opted to transfer its slots and other casino games to users’ palms, allowing anyone who enjoys wagering real money or spending a welcome bonus or two to do so on the fly.

By contrast, despite the immense financial success of many gaming giants, evolution of their own accord has never been their strong suit. Publishers like EA and Activision thought little of the possibilities as held by mobiles, and it is through the success of related industries like iGaming that their minds have been changed.

As a Host Platform

One of the most important parts of traditional video games is the ability to store and run them from a local system. In this case, the local system would be a mobile device. The issue with this is that many mobile devices are considerably less powerful than their console and PC cousins.

While this would traditionally mean relying on ports, the sheer difference in power makes the development of these ports often unfeasible. It is only through the hard work of an enterprising few, such as casino games, PUBG, and Fortnite, that we know such developments are possible, and worth the effort.

This would require a greater time and financial investment than developers and publishers are used to, but as the potential player base grows, this will only grow more likely. Folding phones hold considerable promise here, as their increased power and larger screens add much to what otherwise might be an undesirable experience for some.

The Promise of Game Streaming

Game streaming is not exactly a new idea, but it has only recently become reliable with traditional gaming. Again, online casinos have already led the way here with developments like live casino games, but AAA big-budget games have been slow to follow.

In essence, this type of gaming works as Netflix or Hulu would, only streaming gaming instead of videos. For many games, this would require very low-latency and high-bandwidth connections, but these are growing more common by the day.

Google Stadia is perhaps the most visible of the coming attempts at this solution. While the reality might require a wait for 5G connectivity for some, the idea cannot be ignored. Game streaming will effectively allow any game to be run at maximum settings on any stream capable device, making mobile play a better option than ever before.

Preparing for the Future

Expect much of this technology to make headlines over the coming months. New folding phones and the approach of 5G mean that 2020 could very well be the year when this form of gaming rises to an entirely new level. While we would recommend waiting for the reviews to see which new mobiles will be the best fit for you, this is still a development for gaming enthusiasts to watch closely.

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