Ubisoft has revealed the detailed change log of their third patch which will improve the overall stability of Assassin’s Creed Unity as promise. The next patch will be available from this week and would be equipped with more than 300 Fixes. Those fixes are related to the texture bugs, performance, gameplay, menus, HUD etc.  The Playstation 4 version will have the first taste of the changes, starting tomorrow.

According to the French-Canadian company, this patch will improve the priority tasks of the CPU, and optimize cutscenes. Despite the huge number of settings that come with this new download, Ubisoft also mentioned that it has another patch in the works that will do more to address frame rate concerns..

Next Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch Has 300+ Fixes, Will Arrive This Week

Stability and performance

  • Fixed a lot of random crashes in Campaign and Co-op modes.
  • Fallen corrected specific framerate.
    • Improved task priority.
    • Performance Tuning for Reach High Points (Synchronization).

Gameplay (Navigation, Combat and Stealth)

  • Fixed some navigation problems where the characters could be locked.
  • Fixed several problems haystacks.
  • Fixed several problems of coverage.
  • Fixed several problems camera.
  • Fixed several problems animation.
  • Fixed several problems Booster.

AI and People

  • Fixed several problems animation.
  • Fixed several problems of detection.
  • Fixed several issues stations people (bonfires).

Matchmaking, Connectivity and Replicas

  • Fixed several problems matchmaking.
  • Fixed several problems migrating host.
  • Fixed issues of join-in-progress (input in progress).
  • Fixed several problems replication between hosts and clients.
  • Fixed several problems Menu My Club

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed several problems overlay menu and messages.
  • Fixed issues of mission objectives and updates.
  • Fixed issues customization menu.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies location on menus.
  • Fixed some problems in the credits.

Mission Settings (Campaign, Co-op and Side Content)

  • Fixed several breaks of navigation.
  • Fixed several problems navigation NPC.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some missions.

World and 3D

  • Adjusted several problems of collisions and navigation models.

Progression and Difficulty

  • Adjusted several rewards of Community Events

Specific PC

  • Fixed corruption of saved games in some cases.
  • Fixed temporal blur of SLI.
  • Fixed graphic corruption in the character customization menu.
  • Fixed a crash in the character customization menu in the auto-switch control.
  • Alt + Enter toggles windows properly.
  • NPC side monitors appear correctly.
  • Minor interface settings.
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