Few days back AMD has released its Radeon R9 370X graphics card, powered by Trinidad XT manufactured in a process of 28nm comprised of 1280 Stream Processors, 80 TMUs and 32 ROPs at a frequency close to 1200 MHz coupled with 2GB / 4GB of GDDR5 memory @ 5,600 MHz with an interface of 256 bits resulting in a bandwidth of 179 GB / s. The new GPU is the rebranded version of Radeon R9 270X, but now it seems like the new product is only for target market and will only be sold in China.


As it was spotted only in China, Head of Global Technical Marketing at AMD, Robert Hallock, confirmed in a Twitter post, that this graphics card will indeed be limited to the China market and will not be coming to other markets.

Well to be honest Radeon R9 370X launch was not so surprising, AMD should launch something solid in order to compete in the sub-$200 graphics card market.

Via: Ocaholic

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