During E3 presentation earlier this week, Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that the next generation Xbox console is indeed in works.

According to the new emerging reports, the new Xbox console is codenamed as “Scarlett” for the moment which is being designed and is planned for launch in 2020. The word was shared by Brad Sams of Thurrott, who was able to get some details about the devices the company will be launching in the coming years.

Previously, he reported that the new HoloLens version is planned for early 2019 release and regarding the next-gen Xbox, he reported that there will not be just a single console, but int he form of ‘family devices‘ or in other words, more than one gaming console or the accessories related to the console. Last year, the studio launched the most powerful console till date in terms of specifications, now lets see what the new console has to offer.

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Phil Spencer did mention that he aims to develop a console that will offer higher frame rates and launch the games faster than the current generation Xbox. During his comments on the new console, he clarified that the Xbox console remains most important for Microsoft as a company who gives the division plenty of resources to invest and come up with ideas regarding its console division.

It is far away from its release and we might witness several reports in the form of rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming console. Stay tuned for more updates!

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