Valve has again become the villain and make his victims suffer massively with the new Dota 2 update includes new files that give evidence of the existence of Half-Life 3. The discovery was made ​​by SteamDB site, which announced the existence hl3.txt, rpg.txt and  ai_basenpc.txt files in updating the acclaimed MOBA. 

The new update of DOTA 2 refers to Half-Life 3


While the community fans of the series usually grab anything to believe that we are behind a hint that the game will be announced, this time it is the company’s own Gabe Newell that pretends to be trolled, when leaves things like  string m_HelpText = “Combine Press Ceiling Turret” within these files. Undoubtedly, they are giving evidence of very specific elements of the franchise. 

The files, which can be downloaded from here:  hl3.txtrpg.txtai_basenpc.txt – also make mention things like VR, ziplines and procedural generation. None of the files include the words ” half “or” life “.

Meanwhile, we know that on next month Valve will be releasing its entire line of hardware, consisting of Steam Controller, Link Steam, Steam Machines, and Steam VR so we can only wait on the tide of hope for any announcement related to Half-Life 3.

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