We have more details about the upcoming AMD socket that will house a new generation of APUs and high – performance CPUs. To begin with, the AM4 socket will based on µOPGA 1331 pin socket (391 more pins than AM/FM sockets), that means pins are used for connections to the processor and pin will also be located on the processor itself with points of contact, specifically the opposite happens in Intel platform, where the pins are on the motherboard and the contact points on the processor. These APUs / CPUs will remain square with 40mm in length, so it is almost as large as the current / FM2 + APU socket processors.

New Technical Details On AMD AM4 Socket 


The arrangement of the AM4 platform will be the closest relative to the FM2+ and AM3 +, in addition to the memory controller is integrated, as the Northbridge is entirely within the processor chip, so the system bus HyperTransport will connect internally. Integrated graphics and PCI-Express bus by the chipset itself, plus other low level system interfaces. The memory controller in some of the first AM4 chips, such as Summit Ridge, natively supports the DDR4 memory up to 2400 MHz and up to 2933 MHz through Overclocking.

AMD Bristol Ridge Desktop AM4 Processors:

SKUCoresBase/Boost ClockL2 $GPU CUsGPU SPsGPU ClockMemoryTDP/cTDP
TBD43.6/4.0 GHz2 MB8 CUs512 SPs948 MHzDDR4-240065W/45W
TBD43.1/3.5 GHz2 MB8 CUs512 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240035W
TBD43.4/3.8 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs948 MHzDDR4-240065W/45W
TBD43.0/3.2 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240035W
TBD43.4/3.8 GHz2 MBN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W/45W
TBD43.0/3.2 GHz2 MBN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240035W
TBD42.5/2.8 GHz2 MBN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240035W
TBD22.5/2.8 GHz2 MB4 CUs256 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240065W/45W

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