Insomniac Games has been working on PS4 exclusive Spider-Man for a long time, and thanks to the E3 gameplay demo last month, the hype of this game has been doubled.

Since a past few weeks, rumors started to spread regarding appearance of a new character Venom as the villain in the upcoming Spider-Man game. No doubt he can be fully fit for the villain spot and the release of Venom The Movie is also scheduled for launch later this year, so yeah, he is one of the most speculated character at the moment.

However, the fans should not expect to see as the developers have confirmed that we are not going to see the Venom in the upcoming game. The word was confirmed by art director of Insomniac Games, Jacinda Chew on Twitter while answering to the queries of fans.

She was asked by the fans about how big the Spider-Man will be, for which she replied that he will stand about 6 feet tall. While answering the question of how big the Venom will be, she replied;

The developers have already confirmed that there will be six villains in the game, including Rhino, Mister Negative, and Scorpion and surely, Venom is not one of them. According to the leaks, Sinister Six appears to be the sixth and last villain of the game. Maybe the developers add the Venom later on in the DLCs, which is one possibility. But as far as the game’s release is concerned, we won’t see Venom in that.

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Spider-Man is confirmed for release on September 7 th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Stay tuned for more updates!

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