A month ago, Intel had to completely let go and phase off the “Bay Trail-M” mobile platform and that that was quite frustrating for them since they are still trying to make their spot in the mobile industry. But, they acted like a well established company (as they are) and quietly introduced an improved version of the Celeron N2830 and it uses the new core stepping technology to improve the USB tech and the overall performance is topped up as well and they key is that the price is lowered too.

After dropping few future products, Intel decided to get over the sad experiences and launch few of the future products

As for now, Intel officially announced the detailed specifications of this processor, along with two higher end CPUs the Celeron N2930 and Pentium N3530, the details are listed in the table below:

Intel high end CPUs the Celeron N2930 and Pentium N3530
Intel high end CPUs the Celeron N2930 and Pentium N3530

According to the table, the number of physical cores of the newly released CPUs along with the level 2 cache size and thermal design power (7.5W) remain unchanged, but the CPU and GPU frequencies have a little tweak, just a little but it’s better to have something than nothing.

Celeron N2830’s 200 MHz boost is a bit of an upgrade, N2930 and N3530 didn’t get that frequency boost but N3530’s GPU was a bit accelerated.

Adding to that, the Unified Memory Support DDR3L-1333 MHz is common to both the CPUs.

Pricing is quite magnetic since N2830 and N2930 previously priced at $132 down to $107, and N3530’s pricing hasn’t been declared yet, but seeing the trends, it shouldn’t exceed $150 mark.

 Intel new generation of Xeon CPUs
Intel new generation Xeon CPUs

Concluding this, Intel also announced that a new generation of Xeon CPUs aimed for the High-End servers, data centers and large enterprise market would be launched named as Xeon E5-4600 v2 series sporting a 22nm fabrication process and based on Ivy Bridge architecture and would be based on FCLGA 2011 platform and will feature up to 12 cores and 30mb of shared level 3 cache with max thermal design power of 95W, 115W and 130W and would belong to $551-4396 price bracket.