Finally the most awaited day is about to come when the Google Chrome browser will stop consuming too much RAM without control, all this possible with Google Chrome 55. The most awaited update will roll out on December 6. Google promises that with this new update will be equipped with dramatic improvements in the use of RAM by your using JavaScript and improved engine.

Google Chrome 55 will use 50% less RAM


Memory consumption is an important dimension in the JavaScript virtual machine performance trade-off space. Over the last few months the V8 team analyzed and significantly reduced the memory footprint of several websites that were identified as representative of modern web development patterns. In this blog post we present the workloads and tools we used in our analysis, outline memory optimizations in the garbage collector, and show how we reduced memory consumed by V8’s parser and its compilers.

According to google preliminary tests, 20-25 website were tested using JavaScript – based Google Chrome 55 such as The New York Times, Reddit and YouTube, the memory usage falls by 50 percent compared to Chrome 33, making it virtually mandatory update and well received by users with low – end specifications.

This engine is the JavaScript V8, which was described by Google as an engine that “significantly reduces the consumption of RAM “, to which it is added that can also reduce the fragmentation of memory up to 2 times. As mentioned above Google won’t be releasing Chrome 55 until December 6, but there will be pre-release code released earlier if you want to try it between now and then.

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