Sony began its E3 2016 conference tonight with a gameplay demo of another God of War game. The footage demonstrates the establishment’s main protagonist, Kratos, preparing a young man to chase in the wild. The kid, who might be a Kratos’ child, helps him bring down a progression of horrible beasts, flaunting the series’s hack-and-slash action and fast time occasion cutscenes. There appears to be a more Dark Souls-style battle going on. Kratos likewise has an insidious facial hair, so there’s that as well.

 New God Of War Confirmed – E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

The title does not give off an impression of being an official God of War 4, but instead a reboot of the establishment or a perhaps a prequel to the main series, in which Kratos is still a mortal man and a father before he gets to be under obligation to Ares. It likewise isn’t clear, this new God of War is set in Ancient Greece, or on the off chance that it will handle a completely new mythology. Kratos still has his ash-white skin, all things considered. But at the same time he’s wielding a hatchet and not his mark Blades of Chaos. Such a large number of questions and so little data! One thing we know without a doubt: Kratos is back.

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