Mafia 3 is an upcoming open world, action from 2K Games developed by Hanger 13 studios. The new game is not like an ordinary action, crime game where the purpose is to kill enemies, steal vehicles and roam throughout the map and run from the cops. A new gameplay footage shows that the new Mafia 3 is more than just an ordinary crime game.

Recently, IGN published a new 9 minute long gameplay video of the new game that showcases lead character Lincoln Clay taking on the gangsters while seeking the attention of the cops in greatly designed location that actually appears to be the New Orleans of 1960s. Clay was seen brutally attacking to mobsters and the cops, he later rushed a hideout occupied by several gangsters by following a character in the car without letting him know.

Check out the gameplay footage below;

Footage shows that the violence in the game is not only done by shooting the enemies as the Clay was taking down many opponents by hitting the gun in their face brutally. He was also seen getting some collectibles right at the place of action. The hideout which he rushed had a box full of drugs, which was later set on fire by Lincoln right after the action.

Mafia 3 is set in New Bordeaux (fictional New Orleans) during 1968, featuring the story of lead character Lincoln Clay, who returns from the Vietnam War and finds his city being run under the influence of the Italian mob. The game is set for release on October 7th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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