RUMOR: So far, the site Chiphell is the only one to filter benchmarks from the bestial of GeForce GTX Titan X, but apparently the rumors were true, and NVIDIA is preparing the new GPU based on the GM200 chip GTX 980Ti – and after it we have one more player with reduced memory – GTX 960Ti performance is almost similar to the GTX 780.

However, the most interesting player in this this leaked race of benchmarks is the new AMD Radeon R9 390X (featuring Fiji XT), even on 4k resolution outperforms the R9 290x by a margin of 49% and surprisingly exceeds the GTX Titan X – and logically also the GTX 980 Ti. Unless the results of 3DMark Fire Strike (Extreme), note that the results of the benchmarks below are expressed in percentages, not in FPS, but what matters is the difference.

New alleged benchmarks of the GTX 980Ti, GTX 960Ti and R9 390X

As per the leaked NVIDIA will dispatch a GeForce GTX card taking into account a cut-down / harvested GPU adaptation of the GM200 GPU. The leaker didn’t determine the quantity of disabled SMMs or the name of the item. So we’ll expect that this will wind up being the reputed GTX 980 Ti. Execution figures for a yet unreleased GTX 965/ 960Ti have likewise been spilled.



The same is true of the R9 390X playing in 2560 × 1600, can observe a 40% increase in performance over the R9 290x. AMD Radeon R9 390X also overcomes the GTX 980Ti and Titan X by 3% and 10% respectively.


The big question is how much the new beast of AMD consumes power. According to the leaked benchmarks, it seems that the team has managed to keep something incredible to maintain the same consumption level of 290x for the 390X.

While the R9 290x uses 292w running Metro: Last Light at 2560 × 1600, the new R9 390X consumes 289w. While still quite compared to NVIDIA Maxwell line and the extremely low consumption of the GTX 980 (up to 184w), the new AMD GPU delivers performance difficult to believe with a relatively justifiable consumption, taking into account the process of 20nm manufacturing.

Knowing that the 390X will also feature Cooler master Liquid cooling, so temperatures are likely to be no problem as the R9 290 and R9 290X.


According to the rumors the estimated price of the Titan X would be $1350 and R9 390X has a similar price tag of R9 290x ($550) and the results are as strong as we can see in the benchmarks, 2015 will be a long battle to NVIDIA.

AMD will reveal R9 390X at Computex in early June. We’ll see how this novel continues.

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