A couple of weeks ago Sony released an update to its makes the PlayStation 4 (CUH-1200) with another model that came with increased internal storage up to 1TB of capacity, this latest version is based on the number GJC-1100, a bad thing when you consider that the GJC-1200 brings important improvements as energy savings of up to 36 percent while idle and 25 percent while in use, allowing to generate much less noise.

New 1TB Playstation 4 model is using outdated hardware


A smaller base plate has been added with a new memory modules of higher density and a Blu-Ray drive revised. All this makes the GJC-1000 model is an obsolete model, so everything suggests that Sony believes it can continue selling its remaining GJC-1100 models with a higher capacity hard disk with the hope that less experienced users have not realized they are buying an inferior version. No change is expected until the fall and so later 1TB versions of the console are expected to include the CUH-1200 architecture and later add 1TB HDD if necessary.

Via:  Eteknix